June Specials

June Specials

Summer in South Florida can be brutal on your hair, luckily during the month of June, Visions Salon is offering 20% off ARROJO Hair Saviors, to keep your hair fresh, healthy, and vibrant!  June Specials include 20% off ARROJO Hydro Mist, Protective Thickening Lotion, and Healing Oil!

June Specials

hydro mist

Hydrating lotion for hair. Smooths tangles, softens cuticles, conditions hair.
Directions: For perfect styling preparation, spray into damp hair and work from mid-lengths to ends. Or use anytime to revitalize and refresh pre-styled hair.
“Dry, stressed hair makes styling hard. Hydro Mist is my number one prep product because it makes styling easy. It packs in moisture and seals the cuticle shut, leaving the hair soft and pliable, and in the right condition for styling.”
Andres (Stylist, ARROJO studio)

June Specials

protective thickening lotion

Thickens the hair shaft. Protects from blow-drying and heat-tool styling. Guards against breakage. With light styling hold and shine.
Directions: Liberally spray into damp hair before styling with blow-dryers or hot-irons. Can be combined with any ARROJO styling product.
“This effervescent spray protects hair from heat-tool styling, harmful UV rays, and humidity. With light hold, it is a foundation product that improves elasticity, prevents breakage, and instantly thickens hair strands.”
Hilary (Stylist, ARROJO studio)
June Specials

healing oil

Restorative Glossing Aerosol Spray

Filled with precious oils. No silicones, parabens, or sulfates. Nourishes damaged hair, speeds up blow-dries. Adds body and sultry texture to straighter strands; boosts shape and form of waves and curls. Contains sunscreen for hair protection.

Directions: Spray into wet or dry hair. Scrunch and tousle to promote natural texture. Blow dry for smooth and silky styles.
“The same oils that make this product a health-giving wonder also make it a super-styler. Sunflower oils soften hair, adds delightful patina; Jojoba oils penetrate the hair follicle, which plumps the hair shaft by amping volume and body; and babassu oils are a scintillating emollient, bringing suppleness and shine to every style.”
Claire (Stylist, ARROJO NYC)
Be good to your hair this summer and take advantage of all these specials available ONLY at Visions Salon!


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