Hair Salon Education

For the fourth consecutive year VISIONS SALON in Wellington Florida will be deploying a team of amazing stylists at all different levels to be apart of one of the most amazing opportunities for hair salon education in the industry. Expo NYC is an intensive, exciting & innovative weekend of education for hairdressers across the county. The best part is not the opportunity the weekend in NYC but to bring back all the latest innovation, better business practices and technique advancement for the craft of hair dressing.

As you know Visions Salon is highly dedicated to the education for it’s staff. We hire in passionate apprentices and train them through the VisionsEDU program. After 2 years of continued training, apprentices earn the right to have “time on the floor” and build a clientele at Visions Salon. With that advancement new privileges and opportunities come.  It’s proof that hard work, dedication and passion make a difference. That’s why we do it! Come see the difference at Visions Salon!

Not only do we have education from within but Visions Salon is the top salon for hair salon education in the professional world. Multiple times through out the year Visions Salon host education classes through theCOLORgroup, in conjunction with ARROJO NYC and for other exceptional product lines. We use this as our opportunity to give back to an industry that we love dearly. We believe in the sharing of ideas to advance the craft and the profession as whole. It’s not enough to be great alone.. We MUST be great together!

Expo NYC if September 28th  & 29th. Ask your stylist about it and what new and innovative hair fashions are hitting the stage for 2014/2015!

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