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Every summer chlorine infused pools make  beautiful blondes and brunettes a shade of green that regular shampoo’s and conditioners just can’t seem to take out.  Along with pounding heat and ocean waves the summer is tough on our brilliant color designs stripping and damaging strands. Here’s my TOP HAIR PRODUCT CHOICES for SUMMER!

swimmers hair salon wellington florida MALIBU TREATMENTS

Ditch damage and discoloration with this must-have in salon tune-up tool for swimmers’ hair that instantly kicks crunchy, gummy, lifeless locks into tip top shape to reveal the ultimate softness, swing and shine.

Purifying Hair Products Wellington Salon             BES COLOUR LOCK PURIFYING SHAMPOO

BES Colour Lock Purifying Shampoo – Thanks to its extremely gentle, sulfate-free cleansing formula, purifying shampoo eliminates all chlorine and heavy mineral residues, whose oxidizing effects are essentially responsible for fading hair colour. In addition, special UVA and UVB filters prevent the oxidation of hair colour due to sun exposure


Either in the salon or at home, this ARROJO HAIR REPAIR MASQUE is a must for the summer. Shiny lustrous locks is the result.In summer, our hair gets thirsty. Sunshine, heat, humidity, and swimming in water filled with chlorine or salt strips tendrils of moisture and protein, leaving them dry, frizzy, and breakage prone. Repair Masque puts the goodness back, restoring luster and strength.

Summer Hair Products at Visions Salon              ARROJO CREAM WHIP


Cream Whip Styling Tips from ARROJO NYC

The Perfect Prep:

With no hold and conditioning and moisturizing benefits one of the best things about Cream Whip is its detangling; it makes it great for priming hair for styling. To use this way, apply three generous pumps to damp hair and comb through with the wide-teeth of a comb, freeing knots and making strands silky smooth. Now layer in other styling products to create your favorite effects, like volume or hold, shine or texture.

Sexy Beach Waves:
Even straight-haired types can get this sought-after style with the right products and air-drying technique. To damp hair, apply cream whip generously from roots to ends to loosen and soften the natural texture. From mid-lengths to ends, apply a quarter-size of curl enhancer to encourage wave and curl. Now, in small sections, twist hair tightly around two fingers. Repeat all around the head and leave the twists in place as hair air dries. Once dry, shake and and scrunch your sexy beach waves.

The Softness and Volume 2-4-1:
Our studio stylists love to cocktail products to get two benefits in one. One tasty Cream Whip cocktail that we’ve discovered pairs the product with Volume Foam. To try, mix generous helpings of the products together in palms and apply to hair, roots to ends. Blow-dry with a boar bristle round brush (the best brush for body and shine). You’ll get the extra fullness and hold of volume foam, with the extra shine and softness and luster of Whip –– what a beautifying combination!


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