Cultivate. Educate. Elevate.

VisionsEDU is the education branch of Visions Salon. Great education is the key to our success, and the elevation of our craft. That is why we hire passionate, licensed apprentices who crave a higher level of professionalism, teach-ability and strive for excellence. We train, motivate, and inspire hairdressers from the inception of their career to help them reach higher standards of technique, creativity, and professionalism.

The VisionsEDU apprentice program was the brain child of Tom’s passion to raise a generation of hair designers who understand that education is the foundation of a lasting, prosperous, and rewarding career. Education is the backbone of strong technique, creative expression, confidence with clients, feeling motivated and inspired, and of success in any aspect of hairdressing.

Our 2 year education program was developed to teach the modern and creative, precision-based ARROJO method of hairdressing to salon apprentices. It has produced many highly skilled artists. These high performing stylists now contribute to the success of Visions Salon. Our program is taught by Tom Monticello (Owner and Master Designer) and a team of outstanding other Master Designers through the hands on demonstration of specific foundational cuts that transcend the industry. Each cut has a corresponding video so that the learning can continue outside of the classroom.

We are extremely excited to see the next wave of graduates “on the floor” at Visions Salon expressing creativity, brimming with passion, and executing their cutting skills with precision and outstanding technique.


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