Smooth or Wavy… Your Choice!

Smooth or Wavy... Your Choice!

New look for Spring?  Visions Salon has got you covered. 

Smooth or Wavy… Your Choice!  Read on for more details.


Great News for Visions’ clients! Forever Smooth, Our most popular Keratin Smoothing Service is BACK!  To celebrate this new & improved formula, Visions is offering $50.00 off Forever Smooth treatments, as well as a complimentary Forever Smooth Shampoo during the month of April!

Smooth or Wavy... Your Choice!


Forever Smooth is a new age Keratin Treatment that gives clients, smoother, straighter, healthier, frizz free hair with natural shine!

In addition, this treatment has virtually no smoke or fumes, takes only about an hour, lasts up to five months with proper care, and may be shampooed the same day.  This revolutionary treatment dramatically smooths, straightens, and strengthens the hair using a uniquely formulated cutting edge conditioning remedy.  High quality organic Keratin is used to nourish and repair the hair from the inside out!  Curly, unmanageable, damaged hair is transformed into extremely healthy, smoother, softer, straighter, naturally shiny, frizz free hair!

During the month of April, clients receive $50.00 off Forever Smooth Treatments as well as a complimentary shampoo to take home!

Smooth or Wavy... Your Choice!

Beachy, beautiful waves more your style? 

Clients can also enjoy $50.00 off ARROJO American Wave Treatments and a complimentary shampoo to take home during the month of April!  With a variety of American Wave Treatments, your stylist can recommend the perfect fit for your hair type.  American Wave creates soft, natural-looking wave and curl patterns for today’s style-conscious client. Whether you want to increase volume, make curls, or add beach waves this professional service offers the permanent creation of texture.  Read on for more info…

Smooth or Wavy... Your Choice!


Adds volume and density to limp or fine hair. Great for putting oomph into blow-dries and hot-tool styling sessions. Creates bouncy and voluptuous looks.

Smooth or Wavy... Your Choice!


Marries straight and wavy textures to create the sexy, tousled beach waves that are at the forefront of fashion and style. 

Smooth or Wavy... Your Choice!


For resilient and dynamic wave and curl patterns that are fabulous and full. Great for clients who want texture expansion.

Smooth or Wavy... Your Choice!


Using ionic technology and a natural waving system American Color Wave features a new collection of editorial setting techniques and makes bombshell waves compatible with bombshell blonde, and other dynamic hair color services. 

Smooth or Wavy... Your Choice!

Clients with all hair types are eligible for American Wave. American Wave is not suitable for bleached hair, or heavily highlighted hair. American Color Wave is compatible with almost all hair colors, however, a complimentary consultation is recommended for anyone with heavily lightened hair.

During the month of April, clients receive $50.00 off ARROJO American Wave Treatments & a complimentary shampoo to take home!

Last, but most certainly not least, during the month of April, purchase $50.00 worth of ARROJO Product, and receive the ARROJO Defrizz Serum 50% off!

Smooth or Wavy... Your Choice

defrizz serum

A soft, silky, and calming no hold product. Eliminates frizz, controls fly-aways, and eases excess volume.
Directions: Place a few drops on palms and work through damp hair. Now blow-dry frizz away, allowing the heat of your dryer to do the work. For really thick frizzy hair push in a little extra product to keep it sleek.
All offers Valid until April 30, 2018.

Featured Stylist Giana Delai May 2015

Look your best and by the best! Giana Delai is the expert in smoothing & waving treatments at Visions Salon!

Whether you’re interested in smoothing out your manic tresses or going with the flow of the season with beachy waves – Gianna knows just how to help you beat the heat this May 2015 & give you the sexiest hair that weather can’t touch!

Ask her about our ARROJO products to help take your Smoothing or Waving treatment




20% Off with Giana in May 2015



Giana Delai Your Forever Smooth Expert!

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Giana Delai
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 Visit Giana in October for Your


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Forever Smooth is one of the best Keratin products available and Visions Salon is an exclusive provider!

With natural & organic ingredients such as Organic Keratin, you will experience the best in hair technology with lasting results.

Unlike other treatments, with Forever Smooth you can wash your hair out same day!

October is a great time to indulge in this smoothing treatment!

Giana is an expert in these services and can help you decide if Forever Smooth is right for you.