the BACK story

Visions Salon is often referred to as an education salon. In the hair and beauty industry that means that Visions Salon is dedicated to the advancement of the hair industry & our craft by offering a continuing education program called VisionsEDU. We offer programs for new graduates, advanced training for established hair dressers, and world wide training for all stylists with the COLOR group!  We take no pride in just doing hair and going home. We strive to advance our craft and be a part of training the future of Visions Salon and the future of our profession. It’s dedication we can’t live without. Without that, we wouldn’t be the world class salon we are today, that attracts stylists from all over the country. Education is Everything! 

For many professionals, education stops at a degree or a special license and the rest is learned through trial and error.
At Visions Salon we have a much different philosophy to our profession, our work, and our future.

We believe that the secret to great work and continued success lies in great and ever continuing education. You can NEVER stop learning. We know that each person we encounter can teach us something about ourselves and in some ways push us further to becoming all we were meant to be.

Since we have this PASSION for hair and education, we link ourselves with like-minded, energetic companies and salons to share in our PASSIONS! We strive to develop lasting professional relationships with exceptional and talented individuals, that together we can raise the standard of professionalism in our industry.

How do YOU benefit?

With tenacity and passion, clients can see and feel the difference in a salon dedicated to pursuing only the best! We look for driven individuals to join the Visions Team and we are daily dipping into the kind of “MOJO” it takes to bring positive energy and a great atmosphere to the salon as a whole. Ultimately, you leave with THE MOST current look, executed to perfection and created just for you. If it’s a picture of a style you have in mind, its adapted to your face, your lifestyle and your desires. We not only do the best work, but we HEAR you as the client and know that sometimes the best tool in our arsenal is our ability to listen. You can’t just stumble upon this type of excellence, you have to CULTIVATE it!

If you’re interested in being a model for one of our classes check out the link and fill out the application! BE A MODEL HERE!

Apprentice Cutting Classes are overseen by our talented Master Designers and Educators with Cuts for an ASTOUNDING $25.

COLOR CLASSES are scheduled through out the year through both Visions Salon and the COLOR group. In appreciation for your time, models receive an 80% discount off of menu pricing.

HAPPY MONDAYS Several times a year we host ARROJO HAPPY MONDAYS where top stylists like Nick Arrojo, Gerard Scarpaci and many others join us for an EXCITING night of FREE education for stylists in our area and around the country. Its an amazing night of education, cultivation and sharing in our craft! For more information on Happy Mondays visit